News Digest

1. Ship’s cook blames employers for pirate attack

The cook aboard the Maersk Alabama, a ship attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia, is suing his employers. Richard Hicks blames Waterman Steamship Corporation and Maersk Line Limited for not properly supplying the ship with adequate protection against pirates. Hicks claims their struggle would not have been so difficult with suitable protection.

2. Healthy drinking myths busted

Many health resources claim that drinking in moderation is good for the heart. Red wine proved to be an aid against coronary heart disease. However, not everyone reaps these benefits. Women who drink more than two drinks a day are at a higher risk for breast cancer. Doctors urge people not to rely on alcohol for health purposes.


3. Eat out, without the guilt


By being more conscious about ordering healthier meals, it’s easy to eat out without the guilt of all the extra calories. Putting half of the meal in a to-go box before eating ensures portion control. If there is a need to have a chocolate bar at an office party, skip the cookies. Eating healthy can be simple.

4. Cooking Light’s greatest recipes of 2009


Cooking Light has put together some of their favorite recipes for their viewers. The list includes 16 different recipes ranging from broccoli and chicken noodle soup, curried beef short ribs and mango- agave sorbet.


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