News Digest- Final


Head:  Beans, beans, the magical fruit.
Word Count: 54
Healthy Eats is a site devoted to informing the public of the nutritional value, the versatility and the enjoyment that one can get from everyday items found in the fridge or pantry. This blog focuses on beans. The author gives many recipes, involving many different types of beans for her readers to try out.

Head:  Cook for mom.
Word Count: 46
Mother’s Day is fast approaching and has the perfect last minute gift for mom. This article gives quick and easy recipes from breakfast to dessert that even the youngest in the household can help with. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a home cooked meal.

Head:  Food’s timeline
Word Count:40
This website gives it’s readers the timeline from when food was first documented. Lemons were first used in the 3rd century, but fried chicken was recognized in the 1st century. This is quite an interesting site for a history enthusiast.

Head:  Go green, literally.
Word Count:51
With health scares like the swine flu, more people are watching what they eat. This article gives all the health benefits of being a vegetarian.  Some people wonder how vegetarians get their protein, but this site maps out how to obtain enough iron and protein in a diet without eating meat.


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