Celebrate Good Times!

May 4, 2009 at 1:23 PM (Uncategorized)

Since today is my last day of classes, I have appropriately planned a night of celebration. I appreciate good tequila, in fact, I love good tequila. However, not all of my friends enjoy tequila shots like I do. I think I have found the perfect solution. Usually, a lime wedge and some salt with suite me fine. However, Tabasco sauce will also do wonders. I know, it sounds awful, but trust me! Mix a few drops with the tequila and enjoy! The hot sauce tames the tequila and it goes down quite smoothly.  

Cheers to the graduates of 2009!


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  1. coolkidkaycee said,

    Tabasco and tequila does sound awful, but I might give it a try. My friend brought over some Kentucky Deluxe, and we were having a hard time taking shots because it was probably the worst whiskey ever. One of my friends got creative and poured just a little Simply Apple in the shots, and it actually turned out pretty good. I think I’ll use your tequila suggestion for my friend’s graduation party this weekend!

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