Betty Crocker- A FAKE?

April 28, 2009 at 11:10 PM (Uncategorized)

Check out this video on!  Did any of you know Betty Crocker was made up? Apparently some company was getting lots of letters from consumers with baking questions, so they made up Betty Crocker to be the face for all the answers. 

 I’m stunned! I thought she was an American idol. I feel somewhat let down. 😦



  1. Lisa said,

    I AM A DUNKER!!!! hahaha it kinda sums me up…

  2. Lisa said,

    wait- sorry i watched another video after the betty crocker one (it was on the history of oreo’s and your personality). Oh but betty crocker- INSANITY

  3. Ashlee Salem said,

    I’m very hurt that Betty Crocker is not a real person, but instead six. And they even changed her image a few times to make her more “ethnic.” I used her in a former essay and was extremely sad to find out she was not a woman from the 1950’s. I always imagined her and June Cleaver to be best friends, little did I know Betty had multiple personalities. I think that they should just make her a short, plump, little old lady who looks like a grandmother and not give off any false pretenses that eating the Betty Crocker brand sweets will not make you look tall and skinny like she does on the box.

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